"I am absolutely speechless (and breathless) after watching the DVD "When African Americans Came to Paris". 
You and Joanne should be extremely proud of this.  The archival footage is amazing, and the guest commentators so knowledgeable and informative. 
Makes me want to board a plane back to Paris now!  I cannot wait to show this around to all my friends

V. Hulme.

"It is just wonderful! Great information and footage in a compact presentation. Great job."
Mae Castenell
Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art

"When African Americans Came To Paris" is a must have for anyone
interested in exploring the link between African Americans and France.
There is so much to learn in this well organized DVD. The vintage film
footage and photos are visually stunning and are testiments to the
determination of African Americans to acheive dominion over their own
lives.  James Baldwin's statement "When Americans go to Paris they
discover the terms by which they want to define themselves" resonated deep
with in my heart and soul. I especially loved the chapters on Henry O.
Tanner and W.E.B. DuBois and the 1900 Exhibition. The vintage footage,
scholar interviews and skillful description of each person was an
education in our collective history. Bravo and thank you for this
outstanding DVD."
Connie Fredericks-Malone
Carole D. Fredericks Foundation, Inc.



On Paris Noir - the documentary


"It is difficult to select one among the myriad brilliant qualities of this film that takes us through such a wide range of African American influence and world-class accomplishment, and across a surprising scope of areas of influence: military, business, literature, fine art, music or dance; and all of these over such a prolonged period of French history - from the early 19th through the 20th centuries.

Should I chose one standout, it would be for me the discovery not of not just another take on the oft-repeated stories of African-Americans who lived in Paris, with the dynamic and beautiful capital serving as a backdrop for their lives; but of the little-known role African-Americans have held as key players in the social and political history of an entire foreign nation.

It addresses a debt that Paris in particular owes to these remarkable trailblazers, for a rich and precious part of its history as the City of Light. Joanne and David Burke have aptly illustrated to just what extent African-Americans were important bearers of that light, in a cinematographic ode to the melding of two cultures both skin colors and oceans apart."

C. Pegues.





"Paris Noir weaves entertaining and scholarly content into a magnificent historical tapestry. The lively narrative and original cinematic footage bring to life the African American experience in Paris from the end of World War 1 until our current day.

Vivid examples and depictions from literature, the arts and societal dynamics help the lucky viewer appreciate and understand the complex dynamics that these pioneering Americans faced and managed with such grace and dignity. It is a story so well-told, and it is one that must be told so that all Americans of any age or background can admire,and profit from, its marvelous wisdom.

Thank you for this gift you have given us!"

Jim and Connie Fredericks-Malone

Director, Carole D. Fredericks Foundation, Inc.