Teacher's Guide    Grades 6-12                                                       66 pages

When African Americans Came to Paris DVD highlights a time when African Americans, in a quest to escape the pains of discrimination in America, migrated to Paris where they were greeted with what appeared to be open arms.  From W.E.B. DuBois to the Harlem Hell Fighters, African Americans discovered that in Paris they could be free to not only express their artistic talents but enjoy the freedom of human rights as well.


Available to accompany the DVD is the When African Americans Came to Paris Curriculum Teacher’s Guide


{C}Inside this comprehensive teacher’s guide are six lessons correlated to the Common Core Standards that embrace both the embodiment of PARCC and Smarter Balanced.  

The guide builds on both College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards while providing in-depth tasks, which include specific Reading Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies and Speaking and Listening Standards in Grades 6-12. 

Quick facts and PDF images for each lesson provides teachers with the necessary resources to deliver engaging mini lessons that transition into guided practice, and prepares students for independent practice, sharing/reflection and assessment. These culturally relevant and informative lessons also include essential understandings, essential questions and learning outcomes that aid in producing meaningful and thought-provoking discussions, critical research, writing and/or cultural awareness, all of which are critical for overall student achievement and academic success.

For teachers and school districts looking for 6-12th Grade Social Studies Standards that include literacy, reading, writing, speaking and listening standards – inclusive of College and Career Readiness standards– When African Americans Came to Paris Curriculum will enlighten your students about a period of time when a people who were considered downtrodden outcasts, rose above all expectations to contribute their profound intellect and talents that ultimately impacted American History and the world.

– K. H. Hamilton (M& I Curriculum and Educational Solutions©)

Guide for Post Secondary Education coming soon.