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An amazing journey through history of the expression of Black culture which spread from Paris to the world. I am a jazz lover so the incredible story of the origins of Jazz Music in Paris and France were an unearthing of Jazz history. Even some jazz aficionados were unaware of this little known rich Jazz Heritage.

The history of the African American experience in Paris is a historical journey that is must be shared by everyone.
I encourage you to give this DVD to friends and family.

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So whether you’re planning a trip to Paris, longing to relive previous jaunts to the City of Light—or want to travel to France by way of these incredible vignettes—pick up this DVD. It’s available in both U.S. and European formats for schools, corporations and government agencies.
And what I especially love is that Blue Lion offers a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide for students in grades six through 12.
Nothing like encouraging a love of international travel and African-American history at the same time.

Philadephia Tribune

An engaging glimpse of Tanner’s life in Paris is among the six short videos contained on the newly released DVD entitled “When African Americans Came To Paris.”This documentary DVD by award-winning documentarian Joanne Burke explores the fascinating but little known story of the African-American presence in Paris.
It is fitting that this “When African Americans Came To Paris” DVD is marketed through a Black owned tour company that provides specialized tours in Paris featuring the African-American presence.

A new DVD vividly captures much of what Browne's tours bring to life.
In "When African Americans Came to Paris," Browne, award-winning documentarian Joanne Burke,
and writer/cameraman David Burke feature six short videos that offer a fascinating, early 20th century look at black Americans in Paris.

TCW Today's Chicago Woman

Your holiday shopping is likely done, but any true red-white-and-blue Francophile will appreciate the newest DVD from Paris-based Blue Lion Films as an anytime gift.  It’s an incredible collection of six short videos that capture aspects of Black Americans’ presence in Paris during the early 20th century.