When African Americans Came To Paris
​​​Part 2 -

Three films by Joanne Burke

This 3-episode sequel plunges viewers into the fervour and fury of the Roaring 20s through the lens of the reinvented lives of Josephine Baker, musician Sidney Bechet, poet Langston Hughes and fellow Harlem Renaissance and Diaspora writers.







JOSEPHINE BAKER:  A MOST EXTRAORDINARY LIFE brings new understanding to Josephine Baker’s role in the French imagination - as an entertainer, an entrepreneur, military aid and an activist. This piece offers an opportunity to learn what ‘La Venus Noire’ did with her many opportunities. 

Commentary by Bennetta Jules-Rosette, Richard Powell, Tyler Stovall and Terri Frances.


SIDNEY BECHET: THE WIZARD OF JAZZ recounts the twists and turns in the French career of the much-loved and appreciated Sidney Bechet, a towering figure in the history of jazz.  The New Orleans saxophonist/clarinetist/ composer provides the iconic example of how jazz and its musicians are perceived in Europe. 

Commentary by Rashida Braggs, Sebastien Vidal, Archie Shepp, Robert O’Meally.


BLACK WRITERS ACROSS THE ATLANTIC reveals what it meant to be black globally in the 1920s - 50s.  Its illustrious commentators examine the important literary works of Diaspora writers in Paris, from blossoming Americans Langston Hughes and Claude McKay, Negritude founders Aimé Césaire and Leopold Senghor as well as lesser known but influential figures such as the Nardal sisters and prize-winning novelist René Maran. 

Commentary by Brent Hayes Edwards, Jennifer Wilks, Mamadou Diouf, Tracy Sharpley-Whiting.


These videos explore a vital part of the African American experience which is not widely known. No other DVD assembles this early, vital period of the African-American experience abroad into one unit.

The short length of each stand-along piece makes it ideal for integrating into courses of history, education, African American Studies, French Studies, American Studies, and Literary Studies. They are accessible for all ages, and an enjoyable, educational document that highlights some of the proudest moments of Black heritage.

Teacher’s Guides for Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools are available.

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Blue Lion Films, Inc.

Blue Lion Films is the New York-based production company of producer/director/editor

Joanne Burke and producer/writer/cameraman David Burke.   Joanne Burke was a top

documentary film editor for CBS, NBC, and PBS in New York for twenty years, editor also of three

feature films for Sidney Lumet, and co-editor of Gimme Shelter, the Maysles Brothers’ classic

documentary about the Rolling Stones.  David Burke was a longtime writer/producer for

CBS News 60 Minutes and other CBS and NBC programs.Their current work-in-progress is the hour-length documentary Paris Noir: African Americans in the City of Light.  Joanne and David Burke are longtime Paris residents.



Walking The Spirit Tours - consultant, developer, distributor.

Julia Browne launched Walking The Spirit Tours - the first ever tours of Black Paris - in 1994. Walking The Spirit Tours connects travelers to Black Paris and France through exciting educational walking and bus tours and personalized itineraries. The company also offers full trip travel planning services, and publishes the informative Spirit of Black Paris blogLetter 

​A France Specialist and an award-winning broadcaster, Julia partnered with Blue Lion Films to further a long held mission for both companies to make African American history in Paris common knowledge for people of all ages and backgrounds.​

​​Website: www.walkingthespirit.com



Specifications: 6 videos of 4-7 minutes each, color and b&w.

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