​This exceptional series of short videos by award-winning documentarian Joanne Burke brings to life the pioneering years of the African American presence in Paris. Each video reveals how France, and Paris in particular, became their bridge from a racially segregated USA to great achievement in the wider world.

W.E.B. DuBois and the 1900 Paris Exposition
: His prize winning photographic exhibit defied the existing view of African- American life and prosperity only 35 years after Emancipation.

Henry Ossawa Tanner: An Artist in Exile
: The first African American artist to make it big on the international scene.

The Harlem Hellfighters
: The much decorated WWI African American soldiers who served under French Army command.

James Reese Europe: Warrior and Musician
: The combat lieutenant and bandleader whose rollicking music fired France’s lifelong love affair with jazz.

Jazz Comes to Paris: The explosion of jazz after WWI and the making of the Harlem of Montmartre.

Three Women Artists in Paris: The challenging but fruitful experience of sculptors Nancy Elizabeth Prophet and Augusta Savage and painter Lois Mailou Jones.

Each story is filled with rare and astounding archival images. Insightful narration by Joanne Burke binds each stand-alone piece with great storytelling.

Each experience is further put into perspective thanks to riveting comments by experts in their field -  Tyler Stovall, University of California Berkeley; Theresa Leininger-Miller, University of Cincinnatti; Marcus Bruce, Bates College; Brent Hayes Edwards, Columbia University; Terri Francis, Yale University; Barbara Chase-Riboud, artist and author; Richard Powell, Duke University; and Robert O'Meally, Columbia University.

No other DVD assembles this early, vital period of the African-American experience abroad into one unit. Archives around the world were scoured to unearth the wealth of rare images. The short length of each piece makes it ideal for integrating into a wide range of course curriculum, makes it accessible for all ages, and an enjoyable, educational document that highlights some of the proudest moments of Black heritage.

This DVD is a Blue Lion Films, Inc. release in partnership with Julia Browne of  Walking the Spirit Tours.

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