Blue Lion Films Inc and Walking the Spirit Tours is proud to present a comprehensive and compelling historical view on the remarkable migration of pioneering African Americans to France and the impact both cultures had on each other.

The film series “When African Americans Came to Paris and the Award-winning documentary “Paris Noir: African Americans in the City of Light”, provide insight into the social and racial politics of the vibrant African American and French cultures in the early 20th Century. 


“When African Americans Came to Paris” a two-part series, is a groundbreaking sequence of nine mini-documentaries, chronicling the experiences of pioneering African Americans. The series received the award of Best Director from the prestigious Berlin Black International Cinema Film Festival in 2015.

Paris Noir: African Americans in the City of Light” features post-WWII expatriates Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Miles Davis, Sidney Bechet, and others, and concludes with the situation of African Americans and Black French people in France today.

“Fighting for Respect”, the next documentary in the story of African Americans in France is due for release in late 2021.  It captures the plight of African American soldiers who fought in WWI, receiving the Croix de Guerre military decoration from France, while still fighting discrimination and hatred at home in America.

Trailer - Parts One & Two

When African Americans Came to Paris

Nine Documentary Short Videos 

Trailer Documentary

Paris Noir: African Americans in the City of Light

Coming 2021

Fighting For Respect: African American Soldiers

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9 Short Films


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